A message from Stick In Your Head founders

Stick In Your Head is a premier cloud agency, whose foundation is built on the same expertise by which it acquires.  From out of the box websites, to a custom tailored business solution, and everything in between;  Stick In Your Head provides solutions that are applicable, focused, and offer the value proposition of either saving or making our clients money.

At Stick In You Head, we love to analyze & measure everything that is, and is yet to come.  “How is that possible” you may ask.  Seems crazy right?

The Engineer & the Stick

Follow us for a second.  Ask an engineer “How he can tell the height of a sky scraper while standing on the ground with a yard stick?”  Just because it does not make sense to everyone, does not mean that the engineer wouldn’t tell you:

Simply measure the shadow cast by the yard stick, and the shadow cast by the building, use the known constant of the three-foot yard stick to create a ratio, then just cross-multiply & divide.

We also love relativity;  some may argue that the engineer would need a better tool to accomplish his task.  Something bigger, something more expensive, right?  Wrong.  At Stick In You Head we love the Army motto: “Work Smart.  Not Hard.”

If you meet with us, we will probably be wearing cargo pants, a cotton shirt, thick glasses and maybe flip flops.   However, we have been coding since we were 7 years old, which gives us a combined coding experience of 33 years with a high level of concentration on website marketing for the past 6 years each, and are still on the bleeding edge of technology.  On time delivery, our portfolio, and long lasting relationships is where Stick In You Head delivers, we do not deliver sales people in expensive suits.  We love what we do, and we know you will too.

Founders @ Stick In Your Head, LLC