Installation & configuration of popular analytic tools. Graphical dashboard integration of charts and graphs representing metrics that have been custom selected for reporting metrics. On Page Organic SEO, content optimization, key word analysis, user search pattern analysis on up to 15 pages. Search engine submission. Up to 2000 manually created directory submissions submitted over the period of 2 months.
Let Facebook know your pages exist. Though page title & meta description are nice to have, why not tell Facebook all about each page you pump out, assign it an image, author and more? With new changes to Facebook’s new Open Graph Search, it is important a company the size of Facebook knows what your pages are about. But more than that, with the Social Package you can allow users to like & share anything on your website, as well as engage them with a Facebook Social Application for comment moderation through Facebook. Allowing users to seamlessly discuss your pages socially on Facebook or via your web site. Content syndication is also a must. Get with your sales professional to discuss advanced social integration options.
Monetize your content by charging for access. Create roles and bill subscription prices for those roles. Protect pages, and conditionally draw menus, and even show or hide inline content on the page itself based on what kind of member they are (e.g. Teacher, Student). Supports multiple payment gateway options.
Our ecommerce system are integrated not only with the base systems, but the surrounding systems as well. For example, if you have the Social Package, and Integrated Ecommerce, your products will be likable, sharable and be indexed by Facebook opengraph. From inventory management, to auto calculating FedEX Shipping Rates for products, Supporting multiple payment gateways, affiliate link tracking, currencies, taxable goods, this integration really does it all. Although our service is very intuitive, more complex situations may call for User Experience consulting, training, and/or a managed level support package.
IDX, CRM, Agency Management System, Twitter, Facebook, Basecamp, Zoho, Your Site : All talking to all of your other technologies seamlessly. AiVA is an Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistant that is programmable to move data around, send emails, text messages, and even phone calls. AiVA will be available soon.
A community website is an extension to the membership site that allows users to participate in , send private messages and interact socially. If you want to be the social network, this is for you.
A cloud based ticket system to facilitate your website’s members. Allowing for live chat to engage your customers through their buying decision process.
Different levels of support are available. Those levels of support are all different as they are affected by other retainers. Different SLA is allotted to each level of a service pack

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