Cloud TechnologyTake your business to the clouds, and make the step up to the next level of business.  Cloud technology has bridged the gap between the individual, small businesses and large corporations.  If you can dream it, we can create it!

The cloud is not just technology.  Corporations trade in their IT staff, redundant servers and custom applications for ONE combined, central, collaborative, managed, worry free solution for their business.

Cloud technology levels the playing field.  Companies in the cloud are configurable.  Just like a piece of software, they easily adapt to change.  Changes in SEO and marketing, or changes to standards do not phase a company who operates in the cloud.  For example, a large corporation adapting to a change in the market, who is not in the cloud, would spend time and money consulting with a company like Stick In Your Head: creating an implementation plan, a compliance & adaptation plan, etc.  They are shackled by their old systems because they do not want the hassle of the transition.  This is beneficial to all small business, individuals and medium sized businesses, or frankly, any business that is in the cloud because it is creating a level playing field.

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