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At Stick In Your Head, we understand that having a professional online presence combined with leading edge technology is vital to your growing business.  As an experienced web development company, the philosophy of the founders at Stick In Your Head is to use these things to provide an excellent user experience, always performing above and beyond the expectations of the current market.


Your identity as a person is precious and critical. Your business’s identity is just as important.  In order to attract your target clientele, you must be very clear in your message of who you are and what you do. Our graphic designers can craft new identities by creating logos, selecting color palettes, choosing typefaces and designing print collateral. We can also adhere to or grow your existing identity through information graphics, iconography, print pieces, email campaigns and web design. Instead of creating your identity, we assist you in revealing it to the world.

User Experience (UX)

User Experience is more than what your brand looks like, it is how it is perceived.  It is the feeling the user receives from their perception of your company through brand, usability, intuitive workflow, and ease of use.  User experience design encapsulates this while solving a problem or a need.  Why did they come to your website?  The second question is what do you want the user to do while on your site?  Strategic calls-to-action will enhance the user experience while navigating the user to the goals of the company.  For instance, if you have an online clothing store, the user may come to your site to buy a pair of jeans.  If you want the user to not only buy jeans, but you also want them to buy a pair of shoes or a new shirt, then the design must bring these actions to the user.

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