Stick In Your Head is a Dallas/Ft Worth company who’s goal is to simply provide businesses the tools, training, engineering, design & consulting to grow their online presence in a way that is central, growing and easy to manage.

There are many solutions in technology that we provide to those wanting to bring their business to the next level.  We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach, which is why we will not present you with basic packages and ask you to choose one.  It is in your best interest for us to assess your needs, goals, and budget.  From there, we can help navigate you to the best services for your business.  Different markets require different amounts of time and money.

Since we won’t give you cookie-cutter packages, we can’t give you a list of pricing.  However, we can point out the two benefits this gives you: you only buy what you need specific to your business and your online expenditures can grow with the business.  Inspired by ColdStone’s size names (e.g. “Gotta Have It”), the following are different levels of development for all levels of businesses from the individual to the corporation:

  1. “SaaS Me Up” : We offer our Software as a Service at an affordable monthly rate.  This is similar to a lease.
  2. “Rent to Own” : Some custom solutions can get pricey, this can sometimes be better known contractually as a “Fee Schedule with interest”.
  3. “I Want it Now” : Inspired from a musical portion of Charley and the Chocolate factory, this is the flat rate price to “own” what is “own-able”.
  4. “Shark Tank” : This one is top secret, but revealed if appropriate.

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