Internet Marketing

Real marketing is beautiful.  The high speed wind of changing technology has eroded the differences between small businesses and big corporations to create a level playing field on the internet.  Knowing that, imagine being at the tip of the technology spear with a company that knows where the market is going.  Our technology forecasting ability allows us to do just that, and begin creating new tools before the rest of the competition.   

Technology makes it possible to streamline your marketing strategies, and to quickly quantify the effectiveness and inefficiencies of every marketing dollar spent with data at your fingertips.  The unfortunate side is the inexperience with technology for many businesses, not being able to know who to trust with the livelihood of their business.  Stick In Your Head was created by true experts in the field of technology.  We know how to use technology to decrease your time spent, decrease your expenses, and expand your reach to potential clients.  And best of all, we measure everything!  You know exactly what marketing strategies yield the best results, allowing you to leverage your time and money for your benefit.

In reality, there is no magic turnkey, “one size fits all” solution for all businesses.   At Stick In Your Head, our strength is focusing on improving and enhancing your online tools while delivering custom solutions.  Measuring what works for you is important for continued success.  Besides, if that magic package existed, we would reverse-engineer it, and offer it to you at a lower price.

What other company talks about internet marketing like we do?  Why waste your time and money on themes and plugins you don’t know how to use and are most likely available for free on wordpress, when you can have a team of military trained technology specialists building and monitoring your company’s online resources?

Using industry leading technology combined with our proprietary innovations, we will continue improving and releasing brand new, completely unique tools to you, our beloved customers, first.  Everyone else can use our technology when it gets to the $2.00 used-toy bin.  Put your business ahead of the curve.  Get started today!